Monday, June 18, 2012

Learning about Plants and a Big Thank You to 1+1+1=1

Yesterday we had a small lesson on plants, our focus being on the parts of a plant. This is how I set up the kitchen table in the morning for I. We usually complete a couple of activities, usually activities she can do by herself, while I get her breakfast (and my coffee) ready. The activities here are: matching the labels to the parts of the plants, matching the beginning letter sheet, and creating a flower using the tangram pieces.

We now know that a plant is made of: roots, stem, leaves and flowers, thanks to the printables we used from the Garden Preschool Pack. We sang the song and used more printables (not pictured here.)

She has matched the label cards correctly; although she cannot ready all by herself yet (she is 3.8 years old), she knows all letter names/sounds and she can find out what are the beginning sounds of each word, and thus 'read' and match it correctly. I like to do this kind of exercises, as it helps the child pay attention to the written words and link the letters to their sounds.

We have used the Preschool Packs a lot over the last year. When my daughter was smaller, I would print the vocabulary pictures and cards, the stories and the songs, and use them to teach her English. It helped a lot, since my access to English resources (books, CDs, DVDs) was limited. Being the only adult that spoke English to her, I have feared I would not be able to offer her a varied and complete vocabulary, and that is why I used lots of materials, to make sure she is exposed to the English language, just as a native-speaker would. The Preschool Packs have been a huge help!

Therefore, a big Thank You for to and for offering the Preschool Packs for free! Both blogs have been an incredible source of inspiration!


  1. So proud of you, I!!! You did an amazing job today!