Friday, November 2, 2012

Reading, Languages & Music - About Readeez and more (School Wrap-Up)

I. is now 4 yrs and almost 5 weeks old.
I. are acum 4 ani si 5 saptamani.

Our schedule was thrown off this week, so we took it lightly, as school was concerned. We read a lot, both in English and French - apparently, we took the habit of reading in French before naptime and then in English in the evening.

And we listened to a lot of music. We always listen to music. We have used children songs with great effect to learn both English and French. Music is fun and through repetition, children acquire foreign languages easy through music and movement.
And since my little girl loves music, so another recent habit of ours is to listen to French children music while having breakfast. For Spanish, we continued with Speekee - lots of music and songs there, too!

I showed my little girl the Readeez videos for the first time this week. I have seen them on the 1+1+1=1 blog first, and then when our friend Andrea from Our Beautiful Childhood had only great things to share about the videos, I've decided it was time we tried them, too, the free ones. This is their official Youtube channel and this is the website. Please read Andrea's post for a detailed description of the program and what stands behind it. We both loved the videos, I selected a few of free ones and put them on a list for us to use.
What makes these videos different is that the text of the songs appears onscreen as it's being sung, split into syllables, which I think it's a great option to the traditional flashcards system, meant to help teach children read.
I also see these videos very good to help teach children English as a second language in a fun way.
My daughter's favorites are The Duck Song:

and the All The Pretty Little Horses!

Some great collections I may be linking to:

Tot School


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about Readeez! I'm delighted you're enjoying them.
    Michael (the Readeez guy)

    1. Hello Mr. Readeez guy, thanks for stopping by!!