Friday, November 23, 2012

What Have We Done All Week? (School Wrap-Up)

I. is now 4 yrs and 2 months old.
I. are acum 4 ani si 2 luni.

We've been trying to spend more time outdoors, while the good autumn weather still lasts. It is not too cold yet, so we've been going on walks in the parks and that was well appreciated by my daughter. She loves being out in nature, to explore new places, to look for sticks, leaves, pebbles or whatever she stumbles across.


What else we did?
  • Worked on a few printables from the Shelf Elf Pack from

We used small playdough balls to press into the circles, instead of our Dot Markers - a very good fine motor practice!

  •  Practiced reading on the iPad. This is the free Bitsboard app from GrasshopperApps. It's an incredible tool, with lots of options, free flashcards sets, very useful for us! As you can see at the beginning of the video, she sometimes tends to rush and 'guess' the ending of a word -but when she reads again, she'll say it right :)
  •  Read lots of books everyday, in English and in French. She's been asking me to record her while she 'reads' books to herself (reading from memory and looking at the pictures, that is), so here she is - reading 'Doctor Dora' in English.

And in French, a story called 'Nina au Musee', from 'Histoires pour les Petits' - a story about a little girl, Nina, who goes visit a museum for the first time, with her parents.

We did other stuff, of course, but that's all I managed to capture on camera.
How was your week?

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