Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Continents Study: Antarctica

We began our continents study with the first unit: Antarctica. We chose this continent first - because my daughter kept saying over the last few days that penguins live in Antarctica (and I thought it was easier to start with, rather than the other continents). So we gathered materials and had our lessons in a playful manner (not too complicated, just the right amount of info and lots of play for my 4 year old.)

Am inceput studiul continentelor cu Antarctica - in primul rand pentru ca I. imi tot repeta in ultimele zile ca pinguinii traiesc in Antarctica (si am zis sa aprofundam, daca tot o intereseaza), si in al doilea rand pentru ca mi s-a cel mai usor continent, pentru inceput. Asa ca am adunat materialele ce le-am gasit prin casa - si ne-am pus pe joaca! (a, adica pe invatat!)
We gathered all the penguins we could find around the house and
read the Antarctica section in our new Picture Atlas
I showed her the Picture Atlas I bought for her (I was lucky enough to get it half-price at our local Carturesti store). It's pretty amazing: it has a pop-up globe that opens up when you open the book, and then there are sections dedicated to each continent, with lots of pictures and just the right amount of information for a preschooler.
I-am aratat pentru prima data atlasul ilustrat care l-am cumparat pentru ea din Carturesti. Il zarisem mai demult si mi s-a parut extraordinar (cand il deschizi, apare un glob, care se poate invarti in jurul axei. Apoi sunt studiate continentele fiecare, cu multe poze si putin text, excelent pentru copiii mai mici.) Dar si pretul era mare, iar cand l-am prins la o reducere, am sarit pe el:) Il gasiti online aici.

The World Picture Atlas, excellent for preschool use
The globe pops out when you open the atlas, really nice!

The Antarctica section and the box I made with polar animals

Then we read about the icebergs in another enciclopedia

And we read stories about penguins and polar bears.
Si am citit povesti cu pinguini si ursi polari.

Read the penguins chapter from the Winnie Enciclopedia
And, if interested, you will find amazing pictures and more information on Cool Antarctica!
Daca sunteti interesati de informatii mai in profunzime, dar si de poze superbe, le gasiti pe Cool Antarctica!


  1. Superba lectie, materiale, fetita, tot!
    Sa aveti mult spor, va imbratisam cu drag!

    1. Multumim Camelia, va imbratisam si noi!

  2. Ce carti frumoase aveti! Atlasul e foarte interesant. O lectie minunata. Imi tot fac si eu curaj sa incep cu David geografia, acum imi caut materiale.

  3. Ce lectie frumoasa! Deja voi incepe sa imi adun si eu materiale pentru studiul mai aprofundat al continentelor- esti o sursa de inspiratie!