Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly School Wrap-up (Week 4)

I. is now 4 yrs and 3 weeks old.
I. are acum 4 ani si 3 saptamani.

Our week, in pictures:
Iata o parte din activitatile din aceasta saptamana:

Peter Pan Theme (from Homeschool Creations) and Pirates Theme (from 2 Teaching Mommies)

Our Theme for the week, Peter Pan combined with Pirates. Here are some pictures:

Building up the ship
Yep, that one went straight into crocodile's mouth
And now the crocodile is in charge!
Ordering boats by size.
Peter Pan printables - choosing the correct beginning sounds.
What's different worksheet.
Pirate books that we read.
We also enjoyed the Port Side Pirates song (made from the book above - from Barefoot Books). We just love their books and videos they made from the books!

Other activities: I'm working with her on revising uppercase and lowercase letters (and making sure she knows the difference between them, and when to use which).

Choosing the corresponding lowercase letter tray, from 1+1+1=1
Several worksheets: from Tsl books and 1+1+1=1
Other books that we read throughout the week:

French Learning
We had our 2 days of French this week (when we focused on French music, books, conversation and DVDs, all in French) and our weekly trip to the French Cultural Center. The big surprise there, was when my girl went straight to the French native-speaker teacher there (who was hanging around the library) and easily carried on a conversation with him in French, asking him questions and replying to his questions, as if she's been speaking French all her life! Whoaaa! I was amazed! (And I don't get easily amazed!).

We started successfully using the Pink Series that we purchased from the Montessori Print Shop. You can download a free document that is part of the series. And, if you're looking for something free, the Helpful Garden blog has an excellent Pink Series for free! We will use that one, too.

Reading words and then matching to pictures.
Circling the correct beginning sound
I've also made a mini-book for her and she loved it! More details, in this post.
Labeling objects in our house was also a good idea, she's been wandering around, sounding out the words.
She's also been interested in writing words with magnetic letters (we have several sets, uppercase and lowercase) or with our moveable alphabet.
Here she wanted to write the word 'Noddy' - from a favorite cartoon character of hers - and this is what she came out with, all by herself. Nod bad, right, she sounded out correctly :) without having the correct word in front of her, for checking.

We studied the life cycle of a frog this week, using printables from The Helpful Garden and the set you can purchase from here.
Frog Life Cycle work
Matching the frogs to the control sheet
Reading the label for the 3-part cards
Fine Motor Activities
Since autumn is here, and the weather is colder and we're spending the evenings indoors, we'll be having more fine motor/arts activities, I guess. She asked to paint a lot this week and also played with playdough.

Making an ice-cream
Pizza rolling
Finding the object I hid in playdough, still a favorite!

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  1. Excelent articol, foarte frumoase si variate activitati! Sunt mandra de I., ce bine se descurca cu cititul. Iar faza cu crocodilul e totala!

    1. Multumim, Raluca -- ideea cu crocodilul a fost a ei, evident :))))

  2. Tot ce-ati făcut arată grozav! Îmi place mult cum ați asociat cele două teme - pirații și Peter Pan, chiar merg perfect împreună!

    Mai mult decât orice îmi place I., asta-i de la sine înțeles!

  3. Mai ce articole faci! Sarumana de linkurile din el, uite asa invata omul!
    Chestiile astea Safari m-au dat pe spate!
    Si nu stiam ca in Montessori se imparte in pink, green, blue fonetica. Eu ma tot intrebam cum sa fac partea de gramatica/limba din Montessori pt limba romana, desi limba noastra e mai simpla, mult mai simpla, desigur. Daca ai idei sau articole pe undeva, te rog sa-mi spui. Si eu vreau sa insist pe limbi straine mai mult, ca sunt mai greu de digerat, dar se pare ca si cu romana e nevoie de ajutor ;)

    1. Andrea, cred ca vei gasi pe blogul Cameliei ce cauti tu, si ea lucreaza tot in acest fel, insa in limba romana. Deja a pus cateva materiale de invatarea a cititului in stil Montessori, si sunt sigura ca vor urma altele.

  4. Adina, articolul tau imi place, iarasi, la nebunie! I. este fantastica, iar activitatile alese de tine ma inspira, ca intotdeauna, si pe mine. Multumesc mult!!

    1. Multumim Camelia, asemenea si noi, ne inpiram de la voi ;)

  5. super!!! am citit dimineata articolul,dar nu am reusit sa intru pe blog sa las comentariu (probleme cu timpul :(( ) - grozav ai reusit sa le combini si sa iasa lectii minuntate!

  6. Such a cute peter pan theme!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tot School Tuesday on See Vanessa Craft!

  7. This is such a great theme! So creative.

  8. I love unit studies, and you have lots of great activities! And your idea of hiding an object in playdough is fabulous ... fun and such a good activity for fine-motor coordination! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. (If you could add the Montessori Monday button or link back, that would be awesome!) I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  9. E minunat articolul. I-am aratat Sofiei si si-a ales singura ce i-ar placea sa faca: broscuta (ciclul de viata) si biluta ascunsa in plastelina! :))

    1. :)) Multumim frumos pt vizita!

    2. Se joca Noody perioada aceasta la Teatrul Ion Creanga..

    3. Multumim, dar nu locuim in Bucuresti :)