Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly School Wrap-up (Week 3)

I. is now 4 yrs and 2 weeks old.
I. are acum 4 ani si 2 saptamani.

Our week, in pictures:
Iata o parte din activitatile din aceasta saptamana:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Theme (from Homeschool Creations)

Since 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' is one of my daughter's favorite books and I found this lovely set of printables at Homeschool Creations I've decided to have the bear hunt theme this week. It was a big hit, my girl loved it!
We dramatized the story, we arranged the cards in order to follow the storyline and then, as I read through the book, she would move the characters along the images. And then she loved pretending to be the bear and scaring everyone away!

Pentru aceasta saptamana, am folosit setul de printables 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', facut dupa cartea cu acelasi titlu, de la Homeschool Creations. E una din cartile preferate ale I-nei, asa ca i-a placut mult sa punem in scena povestea vanatorii de urs si jocurile care au urmat. Am pus in ordine cartonasele, am ales personaje, si am pus in scena povestea!

Setting up the story, lining up the characters.
Getting closer to the bear's cave.
Oh no, the bear is following us, we're scared, let's hide in bed!
Choosing the beginning sound, a favorite activity!

She repeated this activity each day.

Arranging bears by size.
To go with our bear theme, we dot-painting a bear and other fall-related pictures.
Am facut mai multe planse cu cariocile do-a-dot, ocazie cu care ne inscriem in Concursul ursuletilor nazdravani!

And of course, we watched the video, made from the book, another favorite:
Si ne-am uitat la video, facut dupa carte.

French Learning
We had our 2 days of French this week (when we focused on French music, books, conversation and DVDs, all in French) and our weekly trip to the French Cultural Center. Here is what we used this week, in French:

This week we introduced our home-made Montessori moveable alphabet. Here are some pics and a short video of how we tried to get familiar with it.

We also used iPad apps for beginning reading and a bit of too.
Am folosit aplicatii pentru iPad pentru invatarea cititului (mai multe detalii intr-o postare viitoare) si site-ul

We began our continents study with Antarctica. You can read more about it in the previous Antarctica post.
Am inceput studiul continentelor, mai multe detalii in postarea despre Antarctica.

Fine Motor Activities
We made a fall sensory bin. 
Am facut un sensory bin cu tema toamna, care i-a placut mult.

And added tongs for more fine motor play.
Am adaugat clesti si alte unelte, pentru exersarea motricitatii fine.

Educational Toys and Free Play 
A bit of Peppa play, early in the morning :)
Si un pic de joaca cu Peppa Pig, de dimineata :)

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  1. Tare simpatic ursuletul vostru si ff frumoasa activitatea de toamna:)...trebuie sa mai venim si noi cu linkuri in colectia educativa, dar de cand am inceput serviciul, sunt tot timpul pe fuga chiar si pe net :(
    multumim mult pentru inscrierea in concurs :)
    mult succes!

    1. Multumim mult, va asteptam oricand sa participati la colectie!

  2. What a great theme! I loved seeing what you did for the week. My kids would really like this too. Thanks fir the ideas!

  3. WOW!!! What fun. I love all of your activities and your theme.

    1. Thank you! I just had a quick look at your blog, I love that pictures of the boys and Grandma playing the leapfrog!

  4. The family hiding in the bed is so cute!! What a fun thing to add in and show them 'scared'. :)

    1. :) and guess who was playing the bear ... yep, my daughter, she was the bear at that point, and I was saving the family from her:)

  5. We just had some fun with that book as well! We did a sensory bear hunt to go along with it ( The girls were also very into drama while singign the song.

    1. Thanks for sharing, I like your sensory bin!

  6. Foarte faina dramatizarea voastra, imi place cum v-ati jucat.

  7. Lovely! We did Bear Hunt exactly a year ago :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very fun theme! We did Bear Hunt last month but didn't do a whole theme on it. We just acted it out.

  9. I love the family hiding in bed. What a fun theme!
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you linked up again on Friday,
    Beth =-)