Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cartile noastre de Craciun si o Provocare la Citit!

Inainte de a va arata cateva din cartile noastre de Craciun, vreau sa incep cu provocarea Andrei la citit! Ea ne invita sa citim copiilor nostri 1000 de carti pe parcursul anului care vine. Ne da mai multe detalii despre beneficiile cititului, dar, mai bine mergeti pe blogul ei, si vedeti despre ce e vorba. Si Raluca participa la provocare!

Iata si o buna parte din cartile noastre de Craciun, in limba engleza (mai avem si altele, inca ascunse pentru ca le va primi I. cadou, precum si altele in romana si in franceza, pe care nu am apucat sa le fotografiez). Pe majoritatea celor de mai jos le-am cumparat iarna trecuta, pe altele acum, recent.

Cele din poza de mai jos le-am luat de la cei care vand online pe picasa - gasiti lista celor ce vand in aceasta postare a Ursuletilor Nazdravani.

Stories of Snowmen si Stories of Santa - editura USBORNE - luate recent de la Carti Copii. Ii puteti contacta la adresa, ei sunt distribuitori ai editurii USBORNE, veti afla multe carti in engleza pentru copii.
Cartea cu Peppa's Christmas am luat-o anul trecut de la Libraria Nautilus online

Doua carti cu sunete si o alta carte superba - The Christmas Unicorn - e minunata!

Si doua carticele Little Golden Books pe care le avem imprumutate de la biblioteca de unde luam noi carti in engleza .

Va las, in incheiere, continutul cartii The Animals Christmas Eve de mai sus - este o poezie superba, o preiau de aici:

In the barn on Christmas Eve,
After all the people leave,
The animals, in voices low
Remember Christmas long ago

One small hen, upon her nest,

Softly clucks to all the rest:
"Little chicks, come, gather near.
A wondrous story you will hear."

Two white doves, on rafters high,

Coo a quiet lullaby:
"Long ago in manger hay,
The little baby Jesus lay.

Three wise men from far away

Came to visit him one day,
For he was born," the doves recall,
"To be the greatest king of all!"

Four brown horses in their stalls,

Snug within the stable walls,
Tell of his birth: "'Twas long foretold
By chosen men in days of old."

Five gray donkeys speak with pride,

Remembering one who gave a ride:
"Our brother donkey went with them
From Nazareth to Bethlehem."

Six spotted calves now nibble hay

Like that on which the baby lay.
"They put him in a manger bed
So he could rest his sleepy head."

Seven goats, all black and white,

Describe the sky that holy night:
"A star appeared at early morn
To mark the place where he was born."

Eight nestling kitten lick their fur.

They nod their heads and softly purr.
"And he was wrapped in swaddling clothes
To keep him warm from head to toes."

Nine wooly sheep down from the hill,

On Christmas Eve remember still:
"Shepherds heard the angels sing
Praises to the newborn king."

Ten soft lambs say Jesus' name.

"He was the Lamb of God who came.
He was the greatest gift of love
Sent from his Father, God, above."

Eleven puppies listen well,

In hopes that they, in turn, can tell
The Christmas story another year
For all the animals to hear

Twelve chimes ring out from far away-

The lovely bells of Christmas Day.
And every beast bows low its head
For one small babe in a manger bed.

Gale Wiersum


  1. Doamne, ce carti frumoase, si ce provocare interesanta!
    Va urez multa bafta, "fug" si la Raluca sa fac urarile!

    1. Multumim, Camelia, si voi aveti o multime de carti superbe de Craciun!

  2. CE ma bucur ca ati acceptat si voi provocarea! Mult succes!

  3. Ce colectie impresionanta de carti de Craciun!! Provocarea imi place si mie. O sa citim si noi, fara sa tinem seama de criteriul cantitativ. Nu tin musai sa fie 1000 de carti, cu Una nici n-as putea. Dar ne place sa citim, citim zilnic, se pune? :))

    1. Da, nu stiu in ce masura reusim si noi - asa vom face si noi, citim zilnic, mai ales in lunile astea mai friguroase de iarna...

  4. Ce frumoase carti aveti! Spor la citit!