Monday, December 17, 2012

Our week in pictures - Nativity Theme

Here are some of the activities we did last week. We had the Nativity theme, using printables from Over The Big Moon's Nativity Pre-K Pack.

Counting activities:

Choosing the correct beginning sound:

Putting together the puzzles:

Matching pictures to beginning sounds:

Sorting activity: gluing people and animals in the corresponding area:

Which one is different worksheet:

Ordering by size activity: I printed the pink tower from the Helpful Garden. It was easy for her, but a good practice, though.

One evening she got a pine tree branch, so she organized a Christmas decor all by herself. Decorated the small tree, gathered toys and put together the Nativity scene, too. Pretty neat, huh?

We had the first snow last week, but it snowed way too much, enough to keep us confined to the house.We got the sled out in the now each day, but my daughter played with it inside the house. Here, she tied the reindeers to the sled, so she could be Santa:)

And then she pulled Tom cat around the house.....
I hope you've had a fun week, we certainly did!


  1. Am remarcat clestisorii decorati in ton cu sarbatorile :) Sunt tare dragalasi!
    Nu stati deloc, ati facut atatea activitati frumoase! Si noi avem o saniuta asemanatoare, dar nu avem pisica :( Prin casa plimbam jucariile sau pe surioara mai mica :))

  2. Ce pisica simpatica :))
    Chiar ca ati facut multe activitati in jurul unei teme :) Bravo voua!

  3. foarte simpatice figurinele, de unde le ai?